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12:59 PM

I Am Who I Am


Just got back from the grocery store. Got the fixin's for jambalaya, which I'll be teaching my son tonight (It's his homework).

Kids will be with their father this Thanksgiving.

I worked a little more on the classical stuff. Funny how the ambient creations come out much faster. I find that when I work on orchestral music, I have to work a little at a time.

Nich made the JV soccer team at his high school. He had a shot at varsity, but he opted for JV, as he saw that if he was on the varsity squad, he wouldn't get as much time on the field. Better to twist an ankle on the field than get a splinter in your rear from riding the bench.

Noelle is working with her father on picking out a new car, as his old one has a transmission that has become uncooperative. Such impertinence from a motor vehicle.

Figs are a great way to clean out the plumbing.

Speaking of plumbing, our new toilet arrives in a few weeks. It's for Noe's room. That should be fun.

Leslie left for work today with her hair in a bun, exposing her neck. I had trouble breathing. Such is my life.

It's currently 60º and mostly sunny at the moment.

I installed Leopard, and aside from the "Find" feature lacking the ability to list by size, it's really excellent.

Asir Todah,



LT said...

Yes you are and for that I am truly grateful! Excellent post. Hope the jumbalaya was fabulous. Say I began listening to Laura in the car. It is a very cool album indeed and some of the songs i could swear are sung by john. Love you bro!!!