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Leslie and I drove out to Silverado Canyon for a hike this morning. Except the canyon, and surround area was closed, as the Santiago Fire which started back in October sometime, is still going. It's contained, but it's still burning. Bummer not to go hiking, but refreshing to see all the pro-firefighter signs posted in the front yards of so many Silverado homes.

We tried to find some other places to hike, zigging and zagging across southern California, when we happen to find ourselves in Yorba Linda, passing right by the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library. So, what the heck, we stop in. A fun time, except for him being a war criminal and a political trickster and such.

One of the moving parts was being able to walk aboard the helicopter that took him from the White House on that fateful day in August of 1974. I imagined him sitting in his chair opposite Pat, crying. A lot to weep for.

And such is life. I hope all is well with you.


Suldog said...

The helicopter is in the library? Way cool! Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, my friend.