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6:54 PM



Noe opened a few of her presents this afternoon, before heading out for a weekend with her dad and Nich.

She got a cool bit o' jewelry from Uncle Dave and Aunt Deneen - the bracelet was the best - we're still puzzling over what minerals it's made of. Very pretty. Also a purse/bag/container. And a Balto Jr.!

My folks sent the cutest singing bear!! The mouth moves as it sings to a second, smaller bear. Incredibly cute.

Leslie folks and Noe's aunt and cousin sent cash for shopping (always a wise choice), as well as a St. Francis magnet, for the pets (Leslie's mother is way into animals - they must have at least ten), and, my favorite, a subscription to Smithsonian magazine!! Wh00t!1!!

Lori and Ralph and my nephew and nieces sent her an American Express gift card, which she ooohed and aaaahed over. She also really loved the card they sent - it folded out into a super-tall cake. Very cool.

Last present opened was from Brother Nich (who did the entire thing by himself) - he got her two books, one a memoir/science book about dogs, the other other a novel, Snobs, written by the guy who wrote Gosford Park. Noe didn't just love the gift, she said, "This is the happiest present here!"

We'll have another present-opening Monday night, which is when we'll give her our gifts. Psyched about that, as one or two are special.

Thanks to the above folks, as well as everyone who wrote and called to wish her a happy birthday. She was really jazzed, grinning a whole lot, laughing, trying to stick ribbons to my bald spot. Very much the fun time.

This weekend will be a gentle one for Leslie, with a trip to the botanic gardens and plenty of naps and Snood. It'll be good for her to get into her mellow.

Love y'all!!!


Lori said...

you are so welcome!! when it comes to celebrating noelle - it is sheer pleasure!!!!! hope today's gift giving is joyful!!!! xxoo