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There's a post up over at which points to a nice cross-section of the current media coverage of the fires. So, for you folks who are interested in what life is like for me, check this out:

Fire Video Feeds.

Oh, and soccer practice has been canceled for tonight, so now the fires have officially touched our household.

And even with the tv on, the speed at which the fires are consuming all in its path is staggering. 60 mile-an-hour winds will rule your world.

2 Comments: said...

Oh, my goodness! Wow! We didn't realize that you were in the neighborhood of the fire at all. I can't believe it. It is incredible. You did a great job with the maps, Stu, fantastic. We pray that the fire doesn't come any closer.


Suldog said...

Good luck and G-d's blessing, Stu.