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There are many, many overlooked, undermentioned songs/albums. One such album, for those who enjoy pop/rock from days gone by, is "The Nylon Curtain" by Billy Joel. Released in 1982, the album is, in large part, a brilliantly conceived tribute to the late John Lennon, murdered two years previous.

To illustrate, and attempt to prove, I point you in the direction of the track "Laura." It comes across as a song that Lennon wrote but never recorded. The combination of the harmonies, the melody line, the abrasive candor, the guitar lines, the vocal constructs... Hauntingly familiar of the early 70s Lennon.

If your holiday gift list contains a little wiggle room, I recommend picking this album up and letting it sink in. If you already own it, pull it out, put it on your best stereo, open a nice rioja Gran Reserva, and open your ears as wide as they'll go.


Anonymous said...

'Laura' is a masterpiece. It's one of the brilliant, undiscovered recordings of Billy Joel among many other album tracks that few people know. Joel has never been recognized for the depth of his work. Most people only know his hit singles which don't always represent the substance of his songwriting talent.

Mark Rosera said...

I've been listening to Sade for about a month now, going on two. I just can't quit her. I love her, and Sade loves me. We want to live together with the smooth operator, but we can't.

lori said...

got it - will listen to it as soon as i can. i am actually very excited to make this new connection. thanks!!!!