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Tuesday, GNMParents saw a little over 1900 hits. Pretty psyched.

I know why, because we ran a post on Jessica Seinfeld's new recipe book, "Deceptively Delicious," which is getting a lot of coverage. I haven't bought it, as my kids are pretty fruit/veggie friendly. Not off the charts in love with most of them, but enough of an enjoyment of a decent variety such that I don't worry about that end of things. (Fruit, vegetables, "end" of things. Get it?!?)... Anyway, that post really turned into some decent Google bait for us. It won't last (nothing does), but for a while, maybe through the week, maybe longer, it's like having a free ad space on Google. Google is teh pwnage! (translation: Google is excellent.)

Anyway, I'm just hoping that we can hold on to even 2% of those Googlers who found themselves at our doorstep. We average above 300 subscribers, which is cool, but we'd like to see that number rise, as we are of the opinion that parents who pay attention to parenting will be what cleanses the earth. Like 20-Mule Team Borax.


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