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Leslie's in a meeting, and I don't feel up to calling any of my other friends, as I just don't want to unload on them for this:

Took Billie to the vet this morning, as she's had a few days of diarrhea. Doctor found, his words, "a big firm mass on her abdomen."

She's now getting X-rayed and blood-tested. We won't know anything for at least a day.

I'm trying not to cry, trying not to even think about anything other than good thoughts about Billie. It's hard to fight the natural impulse to prognosticate, but I'm a fighter when I need to be.

As the kids say, this is teh suck.

And, yes, I'll keep you posted.

Every single one of you is important to me, and I cannot express, in any way, the effect you've had on my life. Thanks for being there.


Barbara said...

I'm glad it was nothing serious.