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That was fast. The doc X-rayed her and immediately determined that it was constipation and nothing more. HHHHHOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

That was scary. Really scary. Billie is easily the closest of any of my cat friends, past and present. She's smart, she's caring (especially when one of us gets sick), she's protective of us, and she uses me like a sofa, which, for those of you who are not cat-people, is the equivalent of a large box of Godiva chocolates. If you're neither a cat-person nor a chocolate-person, I feel sad for you.

Thanks everyone!! You. Are. Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Go, Billie, Go!

(Yeah, I know - *really* bad pun... but hey - it works here! LOL!)

(((hugs))) for Billies complete recovery!

Thim (friend and admirer of cats everywhere) :)

lT said...

OK - I am a chocolate person and not so much an animal person - but i can totally relate to fear of someone i love in pain and it is terrifying. So HURRAY for constipation!!!!! xxoo