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My name is Stu and I am here to share what I can.

Tonight starts Yom Kippur, the annual atonement of the sins of we Jews. We spend an entire day (from sundown to sundown) fasting, and seeking forgiveness for our transgressions.

These transgressions are in two forms: The first form are sins that we commit before G-d. Basically, that's all the sins we commit during the year, as G-d is omnipresent. So we confess our sins before G-d and beg forgiveness.

The second form are sins that we commit while relating to another person. Those sins can be anything from lying to breaking the speed limit to purposefully being selfish to holding a grudge. This second section, as we Jews believe, are sins that G-d chooses not to get involved with. Instead, we are taught to seek out the people with whom we've made mistakes, knowingly or unwittingly, and personally seek their forgiveness.

As I won't be seeing many of you in person, please allow me this indulgence and let this essay serve as my request of your forgiveness, for any and all transgressions, big and little. I truly am sorry, regretful for my acts, whether I rolled a stop sign, endangering anyone in our society, or was unrighteously angry or arrogant to you individually. Please accept my most sincere apologies.

Lastly, I offer all of you this: A post written by Velveteen Rabbi, where he relates his experience of one particular Yom Kippur. I find it extremely enlightening and refreshing.

L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevu

With all the love in my heart,



Dangermouse said...

Stu, you are a great friend and a fine Jew!

Suldog said...

I can't recall you doing me any dirt, Stu, but on the off-chance you did, I forgive you :-)

rbarenblat said...

Thanks for linking to my post about my first Yom Kippur at Elat Chayyim! (You might enjoy the post I made yesterday, about this most recent Yom Kippur, also at Elat Chayyim.)