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10:10 AM

Fundraiser Alert


For those shopping online for Noelle's fundraiser, sorry about this, but it turns out that one of the entry fields you'll run into at checkout is fablunged (yiddish for fubar). The QSP number that you've been given doesn't work. It just identifies the school. Now, it's possible that if you leave it blank, and fill in just her name and classroom, which you should have received in an email from me, she'll still get credit. But I've sent an email to the fundraising chair, so I may update y'all with a better QSP number or other information. Keep tuned to this channel for further instructions. :-)

Oh, and it turns out that the smiley just had its 25th birthday. Yes, that makes me feel old. :-\


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Glad I read this, Stu. I was just about to go to the site and look around. I'll await further info. Please DO get it to me! Thanks!