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My buddy, Marty, gave me a solid photography lesson today. Or should I say, a Macintosh lesson? Nope, that's not it. Let's just say that I'm dumber than a dust-bunny convention and Marty straightened me out. HA!

It turns out that my copy of Photo Booth (for OS X, version 1.1) flips the photos automatically, and only does normal ones if Auto-Flip is checked. So the above photo is really what you'd see if you were my computer.

And if you were my computer, we'd have an issue at some point, as I'd get really frustrated every time you wanted a coffee break.


Lori said...

hey me - flipped or not - you are a sight for sore eyes. xxoo

Dangermouse said...'s tails.

dad said...

Who is this clean shaven person and what have you done with my son?!?!
You look great flipped or re-flipped

Barbara said...

Great picture!

(The Red Sox just locked up the division)