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8:59 PM

Empty Bed Blues


Leslie and I just wrapped up a duo jam session in the garage, she on her Linc Luthier guitar and me on my Yamaha Stage Custom Standard trapkit. Most of our time was working out an instrumental version of Bessie Smith's Empty Bed Blues.

I told her that, while I normally do my best to ignore the sex of the musician, 'cause music is absolute in it's blindness, Leslie participated in a rite of passage for a female guitarist, playing her very first Bessie Smith tune. It was a great moment.

For those who don't know, Leslie has rock-steady time, without fail. For a drummer, that's a wonderful thing - to be able to play with another musician and not have to listen intently to their version of the time, and then mold myself around it. Instead, with Leslie, we agree on the time, and then I play with her, concentrating on my music, as she concentrates on hers, as we concentrate on performing a duet. The results are as satisfying as Godiva's Raspberry-Filled Stars.


David said...

Did you record it, my brother?
-- Dave

LT said...

what a wonderful moment between two people. oh how i envy you. i want to play music but can not even clap to a beat...