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My name is Stu and I am here to share what I can.

Noe has a school fundraiser, for getting the extra green needed for Art, Music, Field Trips, etc. It's run through Reader's Digest, and it's an online store, so you buy something and part of your expense goes directly to buy art materials or trombones or whatever. As this is Noe's deal, she's pitching people via email, attempting to sway them into making a purchase, even if it's a token purchase. As such, I've already asked some folks if they're ok with me giving them her email address. If any of you haven't been approached, consider this my official plea: Please, consider emailing me your email address for my daughter's school fundraising pitch. If not, it's totally cool, we're almost in a recession, money is tight, I get it. But if you'd buy even a tiny item, like some chocolate or a spatula or whatever, she'd dig it, and the students would get a little more of the good stuff, like crayons and tubas and trips to the aquarium.

Thank You!