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Ladies and Gentlemen, for your sitting and reading pleasure, may I present to you: I'm A StepDad, my latest GNMParents column. It's not advice this time, but a heartfelt perspective on my life as a stepparent. I hopes ya likes.


dad said...

I just read your "Step parenting" piece. Wow! how touching and insightful. You write what you feel and you DO FEEL. I am proud to call you son

Melissa said...

Wow, I don't know what's brought more tears to my eyes. Your piece on being a stepdad, or the little exchange right above this comment where you Dad comes here and is proud of you.

Stu, reading your blog just makes my day better.

LT said...

love your step dad piece. especially the exchange between you and nich and the soccer game ;-) and the end - wow! you know your kids are family - they are your kids as much as their dad's becuase after all being a dad does not have very much to do with genes. as for the trump card they pull “You’re not my *real* dad!!” - kids will be kids and if that is not the card they pull they will find another - you truly are DAD!!! they would not be who they are "wonderous children" if not for you!!! xxoo