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...but there will be a ComiCon chaser, I promise. So if you're adverse to reading someone's opinion about current social issues, 'tis time to avert your eyes.

Ok, now that they're all out of the room, we'll switch their coffee with new Folgers Crystals...

And now that the ice has been broken, on with the adult talk:

Vice-President Dick Cheney was recently quoted as saying: "...the Vice President is sort of a weird duck..." - Now, taken at face value, he's suggesting that the job of Vice-President is unique. However, his choice of words is telling, assuming you believe the Vice-President to be a reasonably well-read person. He said, "weird duck" instead of the far more often used terms "odd duck" or "weird bird". Now, maybe he fumbled as he reached for one of those two choices. But throw in the fact that his daughter is a self-acknowledged lesbian, and also throw in the fact that he was an intern for Richard Nixon, and you get to thinking that maybe he's repressing some feelings. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.