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10:55 AM

G'day Boingers!!


Finally, after two or three years, maybe more, I finally got a link submission posted on my all-time favorite website ever, BoingBoing! As the kids say, Wh00t!1!!

Here's the perma-link (or is it permalink?) for the BoingBoing post: Books shaped and packaged to look like packs of cigarettes. As "Art," I can't deny it's accomplishment, but I hope it renews the debate about exposing children to images of cigarettes, whether in advertising, in point-of-purchase displays, in any way. As rabid as I am about getting rid of guns altogether, that's how fierce I am about keeping alcohol and tobacco out of the eye-sight of children. We live in a weird country where a woman's nipple, the nozzle of life, is to be kept hidden away at all costs, but a three year-old is allowed to sit on the couch and be indoctrinated by the beer and cigarette advertisers.

Meanwhile, howdy to all the new readers. Please, scan through, let me know what you'd like to see here, or let me know if you want anything from the store, as I'm going grocery shopping this afternoon.