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As many of you know, I've been friends with Mike Glazier since 1st grade. You may also know that he's now an audio engineer in New York City, working for "The View" on ABC.

But did you know he's gonna be in front of the camera this week?

That's right, national tv, Mike Glazier, playin' guitar and singin' and smilin'.

Here's the story: The producers at The View had an idea for a segment, a contest, "Behind The Scenes." They held auditions, open to the crew who work backstage. Mike won one of five spots, where they will feature him as they go to break - about 45 seconds of him doing his thing. If enough people vote for him, he wins a bigger segment on the show (not sure what that will look like.)

So go vote for him! - - Vote Early, Vote Often!

And thanks, by the way.