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Billie Bobbin, Tiger In Our Midst

Warm Warrior Of The World
Lover and Fighter
Stalwart Soldier
Defender Of Noelle, Of Nicholas, Of Leslie, Of Stu
Party Animal, Wild Animal
You Heard The Cries And Came Running
You Heard The Wind And Went Wandering
Intrepid Explorer Of The Outside World
And Of The Inner Sanctum Of Our Hearts

With All My Love,

Your Humble Servant,



Pocklock said...

Oh Stu. I'm so sorry. I know how special they are. I'm going to be a true wreck when mind head for the Rainbow Bridge.

Thinking of you and yours.


Anonymous said...

I hope wherever he went he meets our friend Apollo. He was the most gentle of cats. Graceful and beautiful. -Chuck

Suldog said...

Stu, I firmly believe that the creator of us all rewards our faithful furry companions with the same unwavering love they showed us while here. I also have the feeling that one of the first sights we will be greeted with, upon our own ascension, is that of all of our pet friends welcoming us home. I certainly hope that is true, for both of us.

Heather Meadows said...

So sorry for your loss, Stu :( *hug*

Dangermouse said...

Friendship knows no bounds.
Size nor shape nor facade impound,
The love between beings that kindles to flame
and forever through time shall it be sustained.

I am truly sorry for your loss. I am saddened by Billie's passing and extend my deepest respects and warm memories. I will always remember her for her elegance, sweetness and unending passion for harassing Angel...

Ericka said...

Oh no. I'm so sorry! From the size of the hole they leave behind, you'd think they were much bigger.

Lori said...

hi stu. first off i am so sorry for your loss. although inevitable it still sucks. mostly thought i want to make note that billie lived life between pearl's death and shel's death. not sure what connection she served but kind of cool to think about. love to you all and may you have strength in your memories. xoxo