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My name is Stu and I am here to share what I can.

My Great Peace Initiative - If I were President, I would: Recall all our military from all over the world. Keep only the military presence in nations whose governments and populace want our presence. End all active engagements. Create full-bore diplomatic campaigns. Prove to the world, in one movement, that we are powerful because we are smart and savvy and bold, that we are not crusaders for democracy, that we are not proselytizers of the good word of Republic. Yes, we will have to deal with a shift in economics as a result of the Peace Doctrine. We'll have to deal with a shift in forms of energy. It will be dramatic, it will be intense, it will be painful. But the transition will not take any lives. And, on the other side of the transition, there will be true peace and prosperity.


Dangermouse said...

Profound sentiments, Stu. You have my vote!

Allen said...

You have my vote too!!!