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4:20 PM

I Was An Evil Fly


Back in the summer of 2001, I was cast as the voice of an evil fly. I had answered a cattle call ad, made it through a few rounds of casting, and eventually landed the part of the nemesis for an animated short. It was created specifically as an attempt to land a slot at OutFest, a gay/lesbian film festival in Los Angeles. The script had some laugh-out-loud moment and a noble intent. The other actors and animators made the finished short a standout at OutFest 2001, where it premiered at the Directors Guild Of America on Sunset. It was well received, and the creative team, Rick Ziegler and Michael Trull, went on to produce more animated shorts of a similar vibe.

I recently ran across a copy of the film - thought I'd share it with the folks who might care.


David said...

Wow!!! Absolutely loved your performance. You really captured the soul of evil. Nice!

-- Dave

Stu said...

Gracias mi hermano, yo aprecio su cumplido.

Anonymous said...

good work. I never knew about this gig
any more?