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One of my YouTube videos now has over 414,000 views.

Got your attention? Good. Here's the whole story:

There's a musician/composer named Darren Solomon. He's based in Los Angeles, and has had a pretty diverse career, from work as a bass player for Ray Charles to crafting the Clio-award-winning music for the M&Ms commercial featuring Megan Mullally. He's also willing to experiment now and again. One of his experiments involved taking advantage of the fact that you can play more than one YouTube video at a time (if you didn't realize this, pick a YouTube video, play it, then open a new window and play another YouTube video - they'll overlap without a complaint).

Solomon sent out a call, asking for submissions of YouTube videos, where the audio would be in the key of Bb, and where the tempo would be A piacere - that is, no specific tempo, the notes should be played as the performer sees fit. Solomon's idea was that he would take a variety of the submissions and put them all on one page, so that when you loaded the page, you could play any of the YouTube videos to create your own musical texture. This became

I submitted a video, a solo cello voice wandering gently. Miraculously, that video was picked for inclusion on the In Bb page. If you go to the page, my video is in the bottom row, second from the left. Four hundred thousand views later, and it's still getting mileage. In fact, earlier this year, right around my birthday, our local Fox affiliate ran a segment featuring Mr. Solomon, mentioning his In Bb experiment. Here's that segment:

For all of you who take the initiative and create your own art and your own experiments, for those of you who put yourselves out there, who give voice to thought, who stand up when everyone else sits down, I salute you.


David said...

Wow!!!! That is just spectacular Stu. I am so proud of you. An amazing achievement and your piece was lovely!

If you ever pull together something like this, I'd love to participate. Have no idea how, but love the concept...

Allen said...

way cool!

Suldog said...

You da man, Stu! Fascinating stuff, by the way. I had never heard of this thing before now.