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Ellen Degeneres did a send-up of the iPhone commercials - For some reason, Ellen ended up apologizing, though I can't quite grasp the reason. Why would Apple not be ok with such a parody? Is the joke too mean-spirited? Or are they just being hyper-vigilant in their copyright protection? And, for real, isn't the satire well-crafted here? I'm as big an Apple fan-boy as the next guy, and I think Steve Jobs should get taken out to dinner by the FTC, not investigated, but this time, this Ellen thing, I just don't see how Apple made the right move. Wouldn't they have been far better off contacting her, praising her parody, and then begging to let them provide her with props for a new sketch? Maybe a follow-up to the iPhone "My finger's are much thicker" joke, featuring an iPad - The Thicker Finger Picker-Upper.


Suldog said...

Hilarious. And very much the reason owning something like that would drive me up a wall. I like a big honkin' keyboard that my man fingers can slam around on and not worry about about hitting it dead center on every letter.