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While I've been busy keeping the GNMParents ship facing in the right direction, I've also remembered to write another essay. Here's the first few 'graphs:

    "Parenting is a journey. It’s a non-stop olympic event. It’s a gauntlet we voluntarily run. And you and I want to make it work, to achieve success as often as possible, so our kids become the adults of our dreams. But in the process, at times, we make ourselves crazy, especially when our kids stray from the desired path.

    Sometimes it’s little things. Sometimes they demand to wear two different-colored socks. Or they choose to hang out with a kid we’re not overly fond of. Or they won’t say hi to Pastor Mike on the way out of the sanctuary.

    And sometimes it’s big things. Sometimes they demand to have an extra hour out on a Saturday night, even though there’s that family visit early Sunday morning. Or they insist on not studying for an upcoming history exam. Or they refuse to apologize to their sister for hurting her feelings."

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