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Lemme tug on your coat 'bout somethin', ya don't mind...

My sister just finished the necessary steps to complete her graduate degree, whereupon she will have the distinguished "M. Ed." after her name. She then will complete a supervised practicum, which will lead to certification in her state, allowing her to do pretty much whatever the heck she darned-well pleases.

I think this is both awesome and an entirely natural course of events. See, my sister's middle name is Community. She has, ever since I can remember, been a part of one team or another, teams whose primary goal was to better the surrounding community. And she's never *just* been a member, she's always been an engine for whatever group she inhabited. I can count at least six different major community groups (most of them national groups) where my sister was, at one time or another, the local group's leader.

And to be clear, my sister's not led by desires of glory or fame or wealth or any other form of notoriety. Instead, what seems to compel her is a pure vision of a better tomorrow, one that starts today.

I dig that about her. It inspires me. It helps guide me, it helps center me. My sister is, by far, the biggest angel on my shoulder when it comes to supporting the larger community. And if you knew her, you'd get that vibe as well. Maybe one day you will meet her. I wish that for you, in the same way I wish for you inner peace and light.


Lori Taber said...

Thank you Stu. From the bottom of my heart.

Allen said...

Well said, Stu.

Lori: congrats on finishing your M. Ed degree.

Val said...

I'm so proud of Lori. What an inspiration!

Suldog said...

She's going to have "Mr. Ed" after her name? Wilburrrrrrrrrr.

Oh, wait.

M. Ed.


Congratulations, Lori!

Nan said...

Drat, now I have "The Famous Mr. Ed" stuck in my head... Congratulations Lori!

Hey, Stu, I've been trying to get in touch with you and Megin.... I know that Megin's family was down with the flu, I hope they are okay now? Can you get in touch with me? Not getting replies to emails. I have posted another article for your perusal. Blessings of the Season!

dad said...

I couldn't have said it better (or even as well) myself. Not only did you paint her perfectly but also so eloquently.
What a joy to have children that love each other so.