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9:33 PM



Quite a while ago, a year or more, my friend and I made a record (the full album can be found on iTunes if you click on this link). Below is the first track from that album, with a video that I put together the other day. The video isn't any big whoop, we'll have a better one in another few months, but for now, here's the full version of the song "AutoStart" that you can listen to without shelling out any of your hard-earned cash. Maybe you'll take your savings and add a little more to your next charitable donation.


David said...

You have one clever imagination, my brother. And as always, LOVE the music. Great production...

-- Dave

Suldog said...

I can recommend Stu's recording. I was one of the folks who did shell out the cash for it. Not my heavy-metal cup of tea, by any means, but still very interesting listening and surely will not bore you.

Stu said...

Thanks Jim. Maybe I'll take out some ad space on your blog for our album. We've sold like 4 copies, maybe an endorsement from you would really pick up sales. ;-)