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I've written another essay for GNMParents - this one addresses the advice I dispense and whether it is within your scope of acceptability:

    I was at a party not too long ago – a casual party, where most of the guests worked with my wife. Some I knew and some I didn’t. When I was introduced to one of the ones I didn’t, they invariably asked what I did for a living. My first response was my usual “I’m a househusband, SAHD, homemaker” bit. But then I realized they were a working professional serious-minded corporate-type, so I seized the opportunity to add on, “Oh, and I’m a writer.” As far as I am concerned, this answer yields far more interesting conversations with business executives. So if you’re wearing a tie, or if it seems that you spent more on your clothes than I spent on food for the past week, I’m gonna mention that I’m a writer. ‘Cause, you never know.
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