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7:57 AM

Bloodrock - DOA


This is for my friend, Sully. He is a favorite internet read of mine. He's my people (in a way). He speaks his mind, he talks a lot about a lot of different stuff, from the evolution of human civilization to what constitutes great pizza, and he does it all in a written voice of such humor and candor that I can't help but read, even if I've heard the stories before. Also, he's from New England - I'm from the metro New York area, so we've got a lot of cultural/sociological commonalities. Lastly, he has a unique musical palette that I find ear-opening. If you're sold, go read his stories by clicking on this section of the sentence you are currently reading.

His latest essay is on 15 albums he'd bring with him to a desert island. It's an eclectic grouping, and the rationales for each are soulful. So, for him, here's the long version of one of the songs from one of the records he chose:


David said...

I've never heard of Bloodrock. Interesting music. Reminds me of a specific time in music. Early Pink Floyd. It's a Beautiful Day. Semi-operatic music to play when you just don't want to move. At all.

-- Dave

Suldog said...

Stu! You ROCK!

(But, you knew that.)

Anonymous said...

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