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Some folks may not have a taste for the band Rush, but I am a nigh-trufan (I'm a devotee of their entire catalog up to the mid-eighties, but then their song-writing train ran out of steam) - If you dig any one of the sub-genres of rockandroll, you just may dig this track, "Vital Signs," a lesser-known track from their monster 1981 album "Moving Pictures."


Suldog said...

I don't usually come here to flaunt my own blog, but today's piece (as well as yesterday's) should interest you greatly and possibly provide you (I hope, I hope) with impetus to do your own version.

Stu said...

Yay Sully!! Far-out!!!

First, totally dig your listing of music. I wish we lived near each other, it would be great to borrow records from each other.

Second, funny you should mention blog flaunting. In my head, for the past month or two, I've been talking to myself about creating a post about your blog. I last wrote abut you a year ago, and while I may not have any new readers since then, I've been wanting to point out your blog to those who do read. This may be the tickle I needed, or I may get sidetracked by... HEY, Look, a squirrel!!!!

Sharfa said...

2112 was their best album