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Being opposed to gay marriage but supporting civil unions is like saying gays can't drive, but it's ok for them to ride in taxis. Ugh.


Ericka said...

depends on your definition of marriage, imho. i have very strong feelings about absolute sanctity of the separation of church and state, and i am NOT in favor of the state being able to order a church to go against its teachings (i.e. by ordering a church to perform gay marriage against its belief system). there leads the path of tyranny, i think.

however, i believe absolutely that, in the eyes of the gov't, consenting adults of whatever stripe should be able to form a legal bond. this should include insurance, adoption, next of kin, division of assets, etc. of course, i have friends who are polyamorous, and they have to choose which amongst them is listed for kids, and emergency contact so i wouldn't limit it to two people either. call it a marriage, or a civil union or whatever you want - but it is a govermental recognition, not a religious one.

Anonymous said...

Good clarification...