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5:45 PM

Super Scoopers


At about 5pm tonight (Thursday), a car fire in a ritzy neighborhood of Palos Verdes turned into a brush fire. Nich and I were on our way back home and we saw the smoke. After we got home, I flipped on the local news and saw the coverage - the fire was right next to residences and a fancy private school. As I watched, Super Scoopers came into frame. Super Scoopers are those large planes that pick up water and drop it on forest fires. I watched them on tv for a bit, filling up in the Pacific Ocean and then dropping a razor line at the heart of the fire. -- But wait! It's fine to watch it on tv, but why not see it live?!? -- I grabbed Nich (Noe declined) and the two of us headed up the hill where, at the top, we could clearly make out the smoke coming from Palos Verdes. After a few minutes, the Super Scoopers came by and dropped their loads. Amazing. G-d bless those folks, brave, earnest, intelligent, sticking their necks out to protect our homes. G-d bless them all.


Melissa said...

They are amazing. One summer while vacationing in Canada, we were fishing on the Ottawa River, when one flew overhead, heading down river to scoop up water to fight ongoing fires in the Algonquin.

I was in complete awe.

Bless all those who put themselves in danger to protect others.