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My name is Stu and I am here to share what I can.

I sing of my past,
Like a verse from an incedibly popular tune
That you've never heard.

I sing of my past
And not just to myself,
But to all who surround me.
All who know me
Know my song
And can hum along
As I belt out another chorus.

I sing
And do not feel.
As though it's a cabaret
And this is my fourth set.

I smoke my last cigarette
And wish for one more swallow of coffee
And glance in your direction
Pleading for a sign of comprehension.

The drive home is just long enough.


David said...

Wow, that's beautiful Stu. Did you just write that? I love it!

-- Dave

Stu said...

Wrote it last night - thanks, glad you dig it.

Suldog said...

Me, too. I can hear it with a Tom Waits-style piano and bass accompaniment.