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I'm attempting to coin two phrases: In the same vein as "a pride of lions" and "a murder of crows," I've created two new groups: A scream of girls and a destruction of boys. ... Thoughts?


Allen said...

Great phrases.

My grandsons (3 years old) are into the Beatles. We watch old videos of their performances on youtube. A "scream of girls" certainly applies.

Regarding a "destruction of boys" ... that phrase aptly describes the condition of our playroom after the twins leave for the day (of course, grandpa helps with that destruction).

Anonymous said...


That's really accurate.

Then you have "The zombification of parents" right afterwards...

Suldog said...


I once asked MY WIFE if she thought whether the screams of little girls at play were hereditary or environmental. It was her opinion that they were mostly hereditary, but encouraged by the environment. Thoughts?