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Weird Al has a new album out, and rather than play a track from that, I thought I'd post a fave rave from the past - This is 1994's "I Lost On Jeopardy," one of his hits from the first half of Weird Al's career:


Allen said...

Weird Al ... didn't know he was still performing. When my grandsons ask for a snack, I often reply: "Have a banana, have the whole bunch, it doesn't matter what you had for lunch."

They look at me as though I'm weird ... I guess they're right!

Suldog said...

Definitely my favorite Weird Al video. Hadn't seen it in a long, long time. Thanks, Stu.

Ericka said...

huh. i didn't even know there was a video for this song. my favorite weird al song is "white and nerdy" 'cause i so so am.