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7:56 AM

This Weekend


The kids went to Laughlin, Nevada with their dad and some their cousins and aunts and uncles - they're going to jetski on the river and generally relax and enjoy the sun.

As the children were away from home, Leslie and I spent a quiet weekend avoiding missing them. Most of the weekend was uneventful, but there were a few noteworthy moments: Saturday evening we hung out with friends of ours, a couple who are very pregnant. We ate at Pasta Pomodoro in downtown Manhattan Beach, then walked around with them for a bit, until the female part of the couple got tired. It was great to see them and to see how well she's doing. Less than a month to go and she's really in great emotional shape (me, I'd be a massive nervous wreck) -- Sunday, Les and I went to Venice Beach and spent time looking at all the art and shopped at all the shops that the kids find prohibitively boring. I got a new earring, bringing my gauge up to a four. Leslie got a Tibetan tea pot and some rocks. We both saw a lot of art (mostly paintings) and spent a little time allowing ourselves to get chatted up by the fringe advocates on the strand (like the anti-circumcision folks and the guy who tried to sell us on a tree from Israel that he swore cured diabetes). Ended up walking maybe two to three miles. Very relaxing and wonderful to spend time with the sunshine of Leslie's smile.