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And yet another essay on parenting published by GNMParents - This one is about parenting strategies geared towards lessening your kids' resistance to perceived authority. It's yummy! - Here's the first 'graph, in case you need the teaser:

    When my kids were in the early stages of elementary school, they were immersed in the D.A.R.E program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). At first this seemed a good idea, something I supported heartily. But after a while I became hip to the D.A.R.E. tagline, “Just Say No.” … It just didn’t sit well with me.


Allen said...

Read your latest GNMP article. Excellent advice, you are very wise !

Being the grandparent of strong willed twins (age 3), who get their "strong willed-ness" from their mother, who got it from me .... I will certainly use your advice with the twins (whom we care for while mom and dad are at work).