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Every week I write a parenting essay, some weeks I remember to mention on my blog -- This week's essay is about reading and my control issues -- here's the opening graph

    Summer. Slothful Summer. Season of gentle breezes and daydreams and the lull of the creeping heat. My children finish their classes and claim what is rightfully earned: a few weeks of nothing, pure, unadulterated, un-adult-altered nothing. As Walt Whitman wrote, “I lean and loafe at my ease.”

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Allen said...


Great essay.

Parental control and teenagers ... oil and water ... very hard to mix.

But knowing you, I'm SURE that you will find an effective balance.

Suldog said...

There is nothing - NOTHING - quite so delicious in life as being a kid, seeing Summer stretching out before you with no school immediately in sight, and knowing that it's all yours to savor. Of course, the bastards who sell pens and pencils and clothing will start running the dreaded "back-to-school" advertisements as early as the third week in July, but until then... paradise!