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10:43 AM

I Love Our World


Every once in a while, there's a news event that is so pure that I am compelled to see how Fox News spins it. Today, the President Of The United States spoke at Cairo University. Headlines from various news sources include "Obama: 'Cycle of Suspicion and Discord Must End'" (Washington Post), "Obama Reaches Out To Muslims" (CNN), "Obama calls for new beginning with Muslims" (Seattle Times), and "Obama to talk about peace, extremism" (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram). - And Fox News? "Obama's Terrorist Invite"



David said...


I don't understand how you can post those liberal rags on your fine, right-wing blog. At least you saved the best for last. Clearly, Obama is inviting terrorists to come to the US where he will welcome them with open arms.
< / sarcasm>
-- Dave

Stu said...

I prefer the term "conservative," if you don't mind. Right-wing is a fictional term invented by the liberal media.

Suldog said...

And what's up with this blue state - red state business? Anybody with a brain knows that the red states should be Democrat states! They're the ones who are looking to plunge us into communism!!!