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Dan Neil is a writer for The Los Angeles Times. He wrote a piece on the bankruptcy of General Motors that I heartily recommend. His wordcraft just knocked me out. Here's the key paragraph:

"This is the lesson of GM's bankruptcy, and it has little to do with market share and miles per gallon. It's a rebuff of the notion of exceptionalism. Any organization that fails to sufficiently safeguard its means of self-correction and reform, that forsakes long-term investment for short-term gain, that piles up debt year after year, will eventually fail, no matter how grand its history or noble its purpose. If you don't feel the tingle of national mortality in all this, you're not paying attention."


Allen said...

Very good article. Neil has an interesting theory, he states:

"I have my own theory. In 1999-2000, GM had a golden opportunity to right its ship by backing Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore."

Who knows .... had GM backed Gore, perhaps we would not have suffered through 8 years of Bush. With a Gore administration perhaps the economy would not have crashed, and perhaps GM would not have gone into bankruptcy.

We need Marty McFly and Dr Brown to get the DeLorean tuned up and perhaps we can go back to the future :)