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6:21 AM



Sunday night. Watching television. The beginnings of an earthquake start to rumble. At first, a simple vibration and rumble, one I've experienced many times. But then the intensity picked up, followed quickly by a boom, a peak much higher than normal. We heard glass rattle somewhere, and then quiet. Leslie and I looked around, but nothing broke - in fact, the only sign of anything was that our front door had blown open.

Turns out that the epicenter for the 4.7 magnitude tembler was very close to our house, about 7 miles as the crow flies. That's by far the closest, and certainly the most powerful. Very interesting, quite a bit exciting. When I talked to the kids, they said it was intense. I agreed, telling them that while we don't live in a flood zone, earthquakes will be the natural occurrence of their childhood. Interesting stuff indeed.

Thanks to those who checked in, very sweet of you.


Suldog said...

I'm always amazed that you folks on the left coast can take earthquakes so matter-of-factly. I suppose every region has something that other folks would be scared shitless of, though.