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I'm just now getting around to watching the movie 1408. It's a 2007 film based on a Stephen King short story, and it stars John Cusack - I'm a big fan of Mr. Cusack's body of work.

Anyway, I've been into movies since I was a kid, and when I moved out to Los Angeles, one of the things I noticed was how interesting it was to be living in a city that served as a backdrop for so many films. And since moving here, I really enjoy watching a film and recognizing one of the filming locations, especially if it's a place I have frequented (such as the strand on Venice Beach)...

Well, as I'm watching 1408 unfold, much to my utter delight, a chunk of the first 15 minutes is filmed in and around the beaches of my home in the South Bay. The beaches of El Porto, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, the streets and post office of Hermosa Beach, all places I recognize instantly, places where I've spent some quality time. There's even a scene that is shot at Scotty's, a restaurant on the Hermosa Beach strand where Leslie and I have had endless salads and sandwiches. A delightful moment in my life - which gives me the chance to say this: If you dream small some of the time, some of the time your dreams come true.

**Here's a link
to a page with screen grabs of the film and details about their respective locations.


David said...

That was SO much fun! I know all of those spots, including the Lighthouse, where I spent many a night listening to great music and drinking myself into oblivion.

Also, the Roosevelt Hotel in New York is where we stayed when we all spent New Years Eve in Times Square being squooshed by too many people.

-- Dave

Suldog said...

I had exactly ONE movie shot in a neighborhood where I lived, and then only a couple of small scenes. It was "Dealing" starring Barbara Hersey and featuring a very young John Lithgow.

The exterior shots of the cop's house were shot just down the street from my childhood home in Dorchester (Boston).

Anonymous said...

Good movie!

On a side note - I love that couch.