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Boy, howdy, let me tell you, not having internet is not overly-pleasant. It's certainly not terrible, but I'm a net-head or geek or whatever label is appropriate for someone who uses the internet as their primary communication method *and* their primary news and entertainment source.

So when my router went kablooey, there was definitely no joy in Mudville.

When last we left our readers, the router was an ex-router and I had called Verizon's tech support, figuring that I'd have to buy a new router and I'd need to know which of their recommended routers I could afford. Instead, they said they'd replace it free and that it would arrive Wednesday. Ok, so two full days without 'net, no problem.

Well, let me tell ya, not an easy thing to pull me off the grid. I tried getting by with just my iPhone, but that wouldn't do it, wouldn't scratch the itch. So I took my laptop to nearby hotspots at regular intervals and got my net on.

A fine solution, so I was completely relaxed when my son came in the door from soccer practice last night and said, Stu, you got a package. - Wh00t!1!! - Router arrived a day early!

I plugged the router in, attached the appropriate 8P8C connectors into the appropriate 8P8C sockets, and, without needing to proceed a micron further, had internet restored at our house. The macs looked for the router on their own (they all do that) and found the fresh stream of TCP/IP packets and socko! boffo! the internet was restored. Mighty Casey had, in this case, hit a home run!

Now that I have my 'net back, I shall try to blog more often, so feel free to tell your friends and accomplices that I'm back in business.

And for those who gutted it out this far, but are really baffled, 8P8C is the notation that signifies the ends of the ethernet cables you all use for connecting to the network in your home or office. See, you thought this was gonna be fluff, but you ended up learning something. ... Yeah, I know, my kids hate it too... But I'm a geek and proud of it.

We now return you to your previously scheduled irrelevancies. These are not the 'droids you're looking for.


Suldog said...

You think I learned something, but stuff like this just goes in one ear and out the other. So does the wind.

Stu said...

So *that's* what that whistling sound comes from? I always thought is was an open window. - Meanwhile, back at the ranch...