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6:38 PM

June, 1985


Me, Senior Prom, and my friend Mike's date


Suldog said...

OK, Stu, you're begging for questions. I'll start.

Where is YOUR date?

Stu said...

Honest, hand to G-d, I have absolutely *no* memory of this moment. I remember picking up my date, whom I was just friends with (she was the first one who said yes after 20 or so girls said no to being my date to the prom)... I remember hanging out with some of my friends during the prom... I remember dropping off my date and then driving over to a friend's house to hang out for a few hours... But this photo - I didn't even remember her name until someone told me three days ago, and I *still* don't remember her or that dance.

David said...

Well I think you look great!
-- Dave

Dangermouse said...

Ha ha ha! That's funny Suldog! Stu, I agree with Dave. You're lookin' like you have quite a view to a kill there! Is that a PPK in your pocket or ya just happy to be there? ;D

Dangermouse said...

Roger Moore's got nothin' on you!