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I've been a fan of Adrian Belew since college - I was introduced to his work with King Crimson, Tom Tom Club, Frank Zappa, Laurie Anderson, Talking Heads, and David Bowie all within a few months. He really blew my mind.

One of his less-sung contributions are his solo records. One one of them is the song "1967". It is, by far, my favorite of his solo recordings. Here is a stripped down version of the song, just Adrian and his dobro. The chord structure is so very reminiscent of Paul McCartney (the influence of the Beatles is clear), but at least one of the chord/key changes seems very much encouraged from his work with Frank Zappa, who taught him so very much.

Anyway, here it is, hope you enjoy:


David said...

Fascinating. A symphony in parts. I definitely hear the McCartney, don't have enough of a sense of Zappa to really pick that up, but I do see the complexity and the changes that go beyond anything McCartney would do. To me, McCartney created polished gems with no rough edges. This is more of an exploration that found its way home again.

Thanks for this. :)

-- Dave

Anonymous said...

That song is absolutely killer. Master songwriting and production.

-- Griffer