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1:55 PM



I just finished my article for Better Homes & Gardens... whew! It really wasn't that difficult, but the intimidation factor was pretty high. Fortunately my editor liked my draft, so I probably won't have to do a rewrite.

Also, I signed my contracts, so now I'm an official free-lance writer for BH&G. Not sure when I'll get my next assignment, but I'll keep my pencils sharpened.

And allow me to take this opportunity to thank Mom and Dad for earning money to keep me in a good public school system and for paying my way to college. Their investment has paid off, so, um, there's that.

Now it's back to my day job - this week I'm getting the house ready for Noelle's sleepover celebration of her birthday - lots of decorations to buy and chips and dip to hang. Oh, wait. Strike that. Reverse it.


Lori said...

Congrats!!!! When can we read it???? And what do you think about the Gay Marriage Ban??

Melissa said...

Woo hoo! I cannot wait to read it. Be sure to post when it's going to appear (if they tell you).

And I cannot believe it's Noelle's birthday again already. These kids of ours grow up too quickly.

Hope it's a great party.

Suldog said...

Yay! Please keep us informed of publication, etc.

I'm back, which you probably knew from this comment. Good story, which I think you'll enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I am SO proud of you! I can't wait to see it - you'll have to be sure and tell us the moment you know the publication date!

I'm not a bit surprised, BTW. You have a thoughtful and balanced voice.

(((happy hugs for Stu!)))

Thim :)