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I'm in between cooking cycles, thought I'd write in my journal while I had a moment.

There are world events that are at the front of my mind this morning - Mumbai, Zimbabwe, The Congo, and others. It's hard to put that stuff to the side, and yet I want to, at least for a while, so that I can focus on my family.

It's the four of us this year: Leslie, Noelle, Nich, and me. I'm cooking most of the meal - turkey, green bean casserole, corn, broccoli, while Noelle will make the mashed potatoes. It's emotionally soothing for me when I cook - the nurturing helps calm me, helps ease my tension.

I'm thinking of my family back east - they're sitting down to a meal at my folks' house. They're tremendously special people - each of them, in their own way, makes the world a better place. That is how I would define our family focus - contributing to the greater good. And that is something that really moves me, really satisfies my soul.

I'm full of hope these days, excited for the future, and thankful that we are moving forward, that we, as a nation, are growing.

Love to all of you, and may the days ahead bring you peace.


DAD said...

We missed you all very much. We started our meal with the thoughts that you emailed mom. How touching!!!!!!!
Lets hope that next year we can all be together

TrudyM said...

We missed all of you, Leslie, Nich, Noelle, and Stu ( News and Photos). It was wonderful seeing you on the computer and you all looked so great. The Thanksgiving Photos that Stu took on Thanksgiving Day of your table and Les, Nich and Noe brought you home to us. Thanks for sharing. We love you all. Mom