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I'm a pretty big fan of David Bowie - not as much as some, but I enjoy just about every song in his library, both early and late. One of my favorite non-hit albums is Tonight, from 1984. Featuring Omar Hakim on drums and The Borneo Horns, Tonight has quite a few tunes that deserve far more radio play. One of these tunes is the title track of the album, Tonight, a haunting duet with the great Tina Turner:


Dangermouse said...

Ha! Bowie got me into the art of music and this is one of my all time faves of his! Thank you for the blast to the past!!! :D

Anonymous said...

David Bowie has been one of my favorites since I first heard Space Oddity in the late 60s.

I love Bowie's duet (Little Drummer Boy) with Bing Crosby.


Ericka said...

very nice. thanks for sharing!

lori said...

this is just plain lovely - moving and sweet. a wonderful sunday morning wake up call. xoxo

Anonymous said...

What do you mean "non-hit" album? Wasn't this platinum selling?
Ever head of Blue Jean?