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My name is Stu and I am here to share what I can.

I do my best to craft my writing. My weekly column and this blog and my personal emails keep my chops up, but my chops pale in comparison to SulDog's chops. This guy cranks out some of the most fantastic works of humor I've ever read, five days a week. Y'know, like Jay Leno, but funny.

I will warn a few of my readers that Sully is at least PG-13, but if you are cool with that, I will tell you that I sincerely hope you come back, as Sully's writing may carry you away from my loving arms.

No, I have no idea where that last phrase came from. Probably it was the cheesecake I had with for dinner last night.


Barbara said...

Suldog and Stu are both good reading.

Suldog said...

Aw, jeez, Stu. Now you've put the pressure on me. And there's that line "... five days a week." I'm reading it on a day where I didn't post anything at all...

I am truly, deeply honored that you enjoy my stuff as much as you do. Thank you!

Stu said...

Barbara - Thanks!

Sully - hey man, if I can get a high percentage of my readers to get to know you, I would feel great. So if your readership goes up by 4 or 5, let me know, I'll go to my rest knowing I made a difference.

suldog's mom said...

You had to go and encourage the boy?

Now there'll be no living with him!!!!

Suldog said...

Don't pay any attention to that. I haven't lived with my Mother in at least 20 years.