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10:40 AM

Profit vs. Loss


Mobil just announced record profits, $40.6 Billion in net profit.

Oh, and on the same day, an announcement from the Labor Department: 17,000 jobs were lost in January. That's the first monthly decline in a full four years.

If you gave Mobil's net profit to the 17,000 who lost their jobs, they'd each get almost 24 million dollars. Just to give you an idea about how big forty billion dollars is.

Anyone have any ideas on how to level the playing field? Actually, I do: Vote Democratic. The 'Pubs had their turn and misplayed it. Now it's time to complete the trifecta, a Democratic House, Senate, and White House. Then we'll see what gets done. If things aren't better in four years, feel free to change your course. But for now, give the Democratic Party a chance to straighten things out.


Lori said...

GO DEMS!!!!! I just hope America is ready for a woman or a black man. I hope we have progressed beyond our racist, sexist norms.