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11:27 AM



Yeah, I've got diarrhea of the mouth today. I think it's because the kids are going to be gone for a several days and I'm hiding from my sorrow with mental detritus.

Which leads me to this: What are the chances that my demise will come at the hands of Leslie after I've blathered on a little too long?

Which leads me to what I think would make a great comic book (if only I could find an artist who would work with me) - My idea is this: How My Wife Will Kill Me. Every month I would release a comic book in the style of Harvey Pekar or Joe Matt. It would be autobiographical, and it would contain stories of my diatribes, ending, always, with Leslie taking my life in any number of ways. Yes, I know, it's morbid, but I also know there's a market out there for such a comic, and I know I could write it well and that it would be entertaining. For those of you who think it's crossing a line, my apologies, but it's my blog and these are my ideas and I need a platform to express these ideas.

And if you know anyone who would be interested in drawing/inking/lettering a comic book, send them my email address.

Ok, now, for the rest of you who are still reading, thanks for being cool with me.

The fog has lifted, but it's still pretty cloudy out and hovering around 60º at the moment. Yeah, I know, that's pretty warm compared to some climates, but for me, this is the beginning of the process of digging out my long sleeve shirts and my sweaters and my jackets. Oy, such suffering.


dad said...

Sorry it is soooo cold. Here at home it is 65%
Not bat for New Jersey in November.