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My name is Stu and I am here to share what I can.

Sorry I've been away. Noelle's birthday and Halloween get to be a busy time.

Several things, in no express order:

Here's some new music I wrote: Castigation Parade
You'll get a page with a link to the song, "Castigation Parade," which will bring up a player and auto-play. So a page load and a click and you hear the song. Also, it's that ambient stuff I do, so if you're not interested in that stuff, this is just more of the same.

As for the orchestral stuff, I'm working on something, but it's not ready for any sort of preview.

I'm 40 and really going bald. This is interesting, but I'm far more ambivilant than I thought I would be. I've always felt that my hair was one of my nicer features. That and my left elbow. Have I got a great left elbow.

Life is fine, thank G-d, and we're all healthy and sheltered, fed, loved, recognized, and self-actualized. Well, not really all that, but sometimes we get a glimpse of it all happening at once. So we're on a good path.

Maturity sucks. As Ben Folds says, it sucks to grow up. Love, family, G-d, Art all make the suckiness a little less sucky.

I now cut my own hair.

I walked almost 4 miles in one shot the other day.

I've got a new hobby. No, I won't tell you want it is.

I have been soda free for over a month. I miss it.

I'm on my way to a pizza party and soccer game.

Thanks for reading this.


Lori said...

Hurray! You are back! I truly missed you! Besides your left elbow, your baby face is my favorite feature. I am waiting patiently to hear about your new hobby. Can we guess? xoxo

Val said...

Great track, Stu. Very calming, deep. Hey, great that you gave up soda (are you going to alter the cartoon of you now?)I've always liked your left elbow more than your hair, by the way. And you think maturing sucks?! Wait until your 'getting old'! You can do what I always do, no mirrors! Remember: if baldness was good enough for grandma, its good enough for all of us.
Love you,

Trudy Mark - Mom said...

It is wonderful to have you back! I really missed ypu. Moms miss their children even though you certainly are not a "child" any more. I'm glad that you have a new hobby. Hope it is great for you. Love to Les, Nich and Noe. I want Dad to print out the Halloween picture of Noe. Hugs.

DAD said...

Welcome back! I like what I heard. Lets have more.
Gram didn't let baldness slow her down. After all thats just the trimming. Your face is the "Main Coarse"
love u

DAD said...

I trust you know that by "Gram" I ment MY MOTHER.